Here are some more information on Corse.

Getting there:

Name of the centre is Albadu. Here is the address:

If you just want to go hiking and maybe go by horse for one day you can contact them. The prizes are very friendly. And the food just superb. Isabelle always makes her best to place people who can talk to each other at the same dinner table. And the dinners are outside in the warm air.

From Sweden there is many flights to Nice at affordable prizes. This can be fine if you also want to have a glimpse of Nice. Then there is ferry to Corse. There are manly to companies: Corse Sardinian Ferries and SNCM. Most people recommend Corse Sardinian ferries. Some people say they are cheaper but for me, one person without a car the prize was the same whatever company you choose. But there were more like "fiesta" on the Corse Sardinian Ferries. Bar, restaurant and pool. I had to pay 30 Euro single rout but I think this prize can be significantly lower if you order your ticket in advance on the internet.

I had to stay one night in Bastia. The ferry didnít simply match with the train. You have to be prepared of a very high prize for the hotel in Bastia. Actually prizes on hotels can be pretty high all over Corse with the exception of campings and Albadu. Certainly there are also other prize worthy places but I think they can be hard to find, especially in Bastia.

The train to Corte leaves tree times a day. Morning, midday and evening. It is 11 Euro to Corte, a journey of about 2 hourís.


As you might see there are a lot of money spent on just travelling. So I think if you are not interested in Nice it just might be cheaper to find an aeroplane ticket all the way to Corse. I now there are flights from Paris and I think there must be flights from many other European cities. There are three different airfields on Corse.


Here are some more pictures.

Here is Bastia from the boat.

View from train.

The entrance to the Restonica valley.

Climbing in the Restonica valley. You can rent gear and a guide!

The citadel as seen when walking back from the Restonica valley.

Just beneath the citadel.

A map of the Region Haute Corse. Corse is divided in two regions. The border indicated by the brownish curve. The black curve indicates our journey. So the start were in Corte and the finish in Pietralba. The distance covered each day differed between 15 and 30km. The first day only 15 km. So the whole trip was something 140km. I can say that each day the distance felt fully enough. The terrain really differed and some times it was more climbing. So then a shorter distance was covered. I think we were in the saddle about 6 hours each day except first day and day 5 and 6. These days the time was a little shorter. We stopped for lunch every day. How we came from Pietralba back to Corte? The horses were loaded on two wagons drawn by cars. And we stowed inside the cars.

A small stop.

My horse Kena. Iím sitting close to a river taking the photo.

Mountain silhouette.


Evening dinner. Soup as first corse and local beer Pietra flawored with chestnut. Picture by Christelle.

Galloping the beach. Christelle first on Dalzan, then Helene. Picture taken by Christelles camera.

Me walking after Kena. Picture taken by Christelles camera.

Christelle after gallop, picture taken by her camera.

Me at the beach! Photo by Helene!

A pose make me think of Napoleon. (Helenes photo).

Claire commanding her horse. Aleí aleí!! (Helenes photo).

Sand rolling. (Valeries(?) photo)

Last dinner. (Kimberleys photo).

At home. A last kiss! (Helenes photo).

Now I have to give one more tip. There is a restaurant. This restaurant really have the most wonderful food, both typical Corsian and standard like pizzas. But made with love. And the wine of the house is also superb. You have to taste it. It is close to the main plaza in Corte but not at the plaza but one street away. The prices very friendly also.

Rest U-Spanu.